Each month, Drs. A. Reid Patty and Trey Benfield
answer a new eye question.


Doesn't Everyone See the Same Colors?


The Eye Atlas

photo of the retina

Our retinal camera allows us to take high-quality digital photograph of the eye to monitor your ocular health and diagnose eye conditions.
View our retinal photographs to find out more.

Important links to other sites that will educate you about your eyes:

World Glaucoma Day

The Joy of Sight is a site dedicated to educating people about Age-Related Macular Degeneration.

Focus on Dry Eye is sponsored by Allergan. It talks about dry eye and different treatment methods. Please keep in mind that Allergan makes Refresh products as well as a dry eye drug called Restasis. It does have good information on it, though.

Check Yearly. See Clearly is a good general knowledge site about the eyes.

Lions Eye Health program for more information about the Lions Eye Health Program.

Information about the best contact lenses.

If you find any other sites about the eyes that you feel would benefit other people, please let us know.