Meet the staff at Patty Vision of Burlington

Rebecca Wright

Rebecca Wright Rebecca Wright has been our “Optician” for well over ten years in the Burlington office location. She is a licensed optician who has worked in the state of North Carolina for a number of years. She has enjoyed training at both Durham Technical College and Duke University. In addition to her training and licensure in opticianry, she is certified as a “Certified Ophthalmic Medical Technician”, which is an advanced technical designation asserting her ability to do a number of medical/ophthalmic procedures, including retinal photography, visual field testing, and, glaucoma assisting.

Her great skill to our office location is in her diligence in her care for her patients. Many patients comment on how much time and effort she exerts in assuring that the selection of frames and lenses meet their individual needs. It is a common thing to hear patients relate that their glasses are the “best” ones they have ever had!

She is very active in her church family and community and as an additional talent, is a wonderful baker. Becky and her husband Howard, have two daughters, Stephanie and Leslie, and this past year welcomed their first granddaughter!

Jolee Shoe

Jolee Shoe
Jolee Shoe began her career with Patty Vision Centers over twenty years ago, beginning in the Burlington office, and working in each location over the years. Currently, Jolee serves the offices as the “Office Manager” of the Burlington location.

Her experience in all aspects of the practice’s management and services, makes her an invaluable aid, both to the doctors, and to the patients. It is a rare occurrence when an established patient does not comment on her bright smile and personal manner, as they expect each as a part of their experience during their visits.

Jolee and her husband Mike have a daughter Abby and a son Sam, and enjoy active lives with their children and their church.

Angie Hunt

Angie Hunt
Angie Hunt has been with us for well over five years. She is our front office manager and serves the most important role in our office as our “Insurance and Billing Manager”. During the past few years, the advent of increasing insurance plans make most of our patients’ services covered, at least to some degree, in this manner.

Angie has the difficult task of educating both herself and her patients to the intricacies of these plans, implementing them, and, insuring that the patients are treated fairly, and honorably by each of them…a tough job. She treats each task with a smile, and, with courtesy … answering each question as if it is the first time she heard it. Angie is patient, accurate, and, thorough.

Angie and her husband, Jimmy, have two daughters, Ashley and Jordan. She is very active in her church and is a wonderful singer, having performed numerous times in a trio with her sisters.