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Sitting Too Close to the TV Ruins Your Eyes

This myth has been around for quite some time. At one time this may have been true since televisions made before 1968 emitted x-rays which, in large doses, are a dangerous form of high-energy radiation. However, today’s televisions no longer produce any dangerous forms or radiation and pose no threat to our eyes.

Children often sit very close to televisions. That is because children, just like adults, want a big screen. When you get closer to something it looks bigger. In some ways, they are smarter than adults. While we spend thousands of dollars for a big screen television, a child just moves closer and achieves the same result.

Children also have the ability to focus very well at close range, because children have a shorter distance between their eyes. This allows them to converge on close objects better than adults. So children can view objects at distances that would make the eyes of adults uncomfortable. In any event, just like reading in the dark, sitting close to a television will cause eyestrain and fatigue but will not damage the eye.

Conclusion: Myth Busted

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