The Truth About Common Eye Myths

Doesn’t Everyone See the Same Color?

Will A Justin Beiber Haircut Cause Lazy Eye?

Ocular Vitamins

Can Eye Exercises Improve Your Vision

Can Laser Pointers Hurt Your Eyes

Staring at the sun or an eclipse of the sun will ruin your eyes

Animals only see black and white

Carrots Help you See at Night

Reading in the Dark Will Ruin Your Eyes

Sitting Too Close to the TV Ruins Your Eyes

If I Start Wearing Glasses My Eyes Will Get Worse

Meet the Mythbusters

the myth busters

Dr. A. Reid Patty and Dr. Trey Benfield are the Eye Mythbusters. Each month they will take a new question and give you the real answer to your eye questions. Always heard something about eyes and wondered if it’s really true? Then check out our website each month to find out. If you have a question for the Eye Mythbusters then email Dr. Patty and Dr. Benfield at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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